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Gammasart ATD™ connector

The Gammasart ATD™ connector is proposed in different formats to best fit your process requierment : stand alone Non Sterile, stand alone Sterile or pre-assembled, pre-validated and pre-sterilzed on single-use system


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Gammasart ATD™ - Sterile
Gammasart ATD™ - Sterile
Item no.: AN-CON-101025
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When you select Gammasart ATD™ connector, you then benefit of the system flexibility that may be opened and re-used up to five times without compromizing the environement integrity in case of production troubles.

The Gammasart ATD™ connector may be sterilized by autoclave or Gamma irradiation, enabling use for either traditional vessels or fully single-use fluid handling technologies.

The Gammasart ATD™ connector has been designed to insure a proper fitting of 3/8 inch (9.52 mm) and 5/16 inch (7.92 mm) tubing.

The Gammasart ATD™ connector is 100% air leak tested as a condition of lot release.


SART System™ — Sartorius Stedim Biotech Aseptic Rapid Transfer System
en 153.0 kB
Gammasart ATD™ - Non Sterile
Gammasart ATD™ - Non Sterile
Item no.: AN-CON-102025

Gammasart ATD™, non sterile disposable connector for aseptic liquid transfer, incl. connector body and connector cover.

SART System™ Port
SART System™ Port
Item no.: AN-CON-305025

The SART System™ is designed to allow aseptic liquid transfer between two areas with different containment classifications. The SART System™ consists of an external port, an internal port and a disposable connection device – Gammasart ATD™