iQue® Probe and Tubing Assembly

The iQue® Probe and Tubing Assembly has made sampling and analysis efficient, simple and reproducible. Offering quality, value and precision, it is best-in-class!

Top Features:

  • Automatic warning will display
  • Variety of pack sizes available

Popular Applications:

  • Probe and Tubing Assembly for iQue® Screener Plus and iQue® 3

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The iQue® Probe and Tubing Assembly, an integral component of the Intellicyt® iQue3, allows you to perform various lab tests. Ranging from immunoassays to small molecule screening, this top-of-the-class piece of tech makes operations reasonably straightforward yet incredibly effective.

Enables Rapid Analysis

Running multiple samples is a challenge but analyzing the results of those assays in real-time is an even more significant challenge. The iQue® Probe and Tubing Assembly, work with the iQue3, ensuring the discrete samples are instantly analyzed with accurate results.

Intelligent Rinse Station for Flawless Operations

iQue® features a purpose-built, cutting-edge rinse station that’s fully automated. The intelligent interface backed by the iQue Forecyt® Software makes it a brilliant addition. It can flush, wash, clean and run plates.

Simple to Install, Operate and Replace

In microbiology or biotechnology labs, the apparatus needs to be highly efficient for installation, maintenance and operation. iQue® GEN2 Probe & Tubing Assembly is simple to install and incredibly easy to operate compared to other flow cytometric machines.


  • Device/Instrument Compatibility
    • iQue® Screener PLUS
    • iQue®3

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