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iQue® Mouse IgG Type and Titer

The Mouse IgG Type and Titer kit is a multiplexed, competition formatted assay to identify and quantify mouse IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, and IgG3. It is a no wash, no sample dilution assay that measures both cells and beads and provides these significant advantages over traditional methods:

  • IgG isotype identification: Guides the decision-making process by identifying monoclonal wells, thus reducing the number of cell sub-cloning steps while facilitating isotype-specific DNA primer sets rather than degenerate primers for cloning or sequencing of antibody variable regions.

  • Precise total and isotype specific IgG quantification: Downstream confirmatory or functional assays benefit from normalizing the IgG concentration for all clones.

  • Simultaneous measurement of cell count and cell viability: Identifies the cells healthy enough for the RNA extraction needed for PCR-mediated antibody cloning.

Item no.:  91165

Price (USD):  $1,090.00


* 24 Hours Turnaround Time

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Key Benefits

  • Speed: Sample to actionable data workflow time—assay set up, incubation, read—under 100 minutes per 384 well plate. Real time analysis and visualization from one powerful software package: ForeCyt.

  • Results: Five endpoints from a single multiplexed, no-wash/no-dilution assay: IgG isotype identification, IgG quantity per isotype, total IgG secretion level, cell viability, and cell counts.

  • Simplicity: Single Platform Assay Development and Data Acquisition eliminates the time and confusion of acquiring, analyzing and correlating data from multiple assays on multiple platforms.

  • Precision: Isotyping facilitates specific primer design for superior PCR-mediated gene cloning. Cell quality criteria determine the best clones for RNA isolation.


  • Application
    Antibody Characterization
  • Research Area
    • Antibody Discovery
    • Drug Discovery

Biological Information

  • Target


  • Device/Instrument Compatibility
    • iQue® Screener
    • iQue® Screener PLUS
    • iQue®3

General Specifications

  • Laser Configuration
    • Blue-Red
    • Violet-Blue-Red
  • Reagents and Kits Type
    Mouse IgG Type and Titer

Product Information

  • Brand
  • Pack Size
    1 x 384