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iQue® Human Multiplex Antibody Internalization Kit

The iQue® Multiplex Antibody Internalization Kits are high throughput, multiplexed, no-wash assays that measures antibody internalization, cell specificity, and cell health using 10 µL sample of cells and 10 µL antibody. Available in 1 x 96, 5 x 96, 1 x 384 and 5 x 384-well format.

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Price:  $460.00

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Key Benefits

  • No wash protocol- fast, easy antibody-labeling method optimal for screening antibody internalization.

  • High throughput evaluation of antibody internalization- Assay designed to measure internalization of a large number of antibodies in 96- and 384-well plate formats using 10 µL of cells and 10 µL of labeled antibody (kit).

  • Simultaneously measure antibody internalization, cell specificity, and cell health within the same well.


Antibodies are easily labeled with Intellicyt Antibody Internalization Reagent, a novel pH sensitive dye. The labeled antibodies have little fluorescence at neutral pH, but become highly fluorogenic at low pH when they are internalized and processed through the acidic lysosome/endosome pathway.

Cell viability can also be measured to assess general cell health and antibody function. Using the same sample, cell specificity can be characterized using encoding dyes (cell populations/types). Data acquisition is performed using the iQue3 and ForeCyt® software for data analysis and visualization.

Biological Information

  • Target

General Specifications

  • Laser Configuration
  • Reagents and Kits Type
    Multiplex Antibody Internalization (Human)

eShop Dynamic Attributes

  • Application
    Antibody Characterization
  • Pack Size
    1 x 96
  • Research Area
    Antibody Discovery