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iQue® Fixable Viability Kit

The iQue® Fixable Viability Dyes are validated to quantify live and dead cells using flow cytometry post fixation, permeabilization and intracellular staining of markers (immunophenotyping) and cytokines without any loss of intensity.

Item no.:  BA-97116

Price:  $360.00


The iQue® Fixable Viability Kits are used to label viable from non-viable mammalian cells prior to downstream fixation and permeabilization, which is required for intracellular cell staining. The dyes are cell membrane-impermeant that covalently label cell surface and intracellular amines, resulting in dim surface staining of live cells and highly fluorescent staining of cells with compromised membranes. The staining is stable, and the fluorescence is preserved following fixation and permeabilization.

Key Advantages

  • Preserve staining post fixation - Maintain fluorescence staining intensity to discriminate live and dead cells post fixation or permeabilization.

  • Enable artifact-free analysis of intracellular targets- Monitor surface and intracellular marker expression simultaneously while reducing artifacts from dead cells.

  • Save precious sample - Conserve samples for use in multiple downstream assays with only 20 µL of cells required.


iQue®️ Fixable Viability Kits
en 565.9 kB

Biological Information

  • Target

General Specifications

  • Detection Channel
    • VL-1
    • VL-1
    • VL-1
    • VL-1
    • VL-1
    • VL-1
    • VL-1
    • VL-1
    • VL-1
    • VL-1
  • Laser Configuration
  • Reagents and Kits Type
    Fixable Viability Dyes

eShop Dynamic Attributes

  • Instrument Compatibility
    • iQue®3
    • iQue® Screener PLUS
  • Research Area
    Cell Health