iQue® Enhanced Qsol Cartridge

iQue® Enhanced Qsol Cartridge is a high performance alternative to the Enhanced Buffer Cartridge, and can help prevent clogging and aggregation with the most challenging sample types.

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Benefits of the iQue® Enhanced Qsol Cartridge may include:

  • Flexibility in sample selection by reducing carryover and protein buildupImproved data resulting from more robust and consistent sampling
  • A streamlined work-flow yielding faster results

The iQue® EnhancedQsol solution is biologically compatible and contains a nonionic, non-denaturing surfactant that solubilizes extracellular proteins. It has been tested and validated for use with both cell and bead based assays.

It is particularly useful for difficult samples such as:

  • Primary cells (PBMCs, bone marrow)
  • Yeast cells (sugar in media)
  • Long incubation assays (3-7 days)
  • High density samples

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