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Sartobind® Selection Kit Pico

Disposable capsules with ion exchange membranes for polishing in biomanufacturing.

Item no.:  92MU0142DD-11

Availability:  On Request


Sartobind® capsules are especially suited for the removal of DNA, viruses and protein contaminants in biopharmaceutical production. Sartobind® membranes contain homogenously grafted binding sites on a reinforced cross-linked cellulose matrix. The large pores (>3 um) increase the process speed and avoid diffusion limits compared to conventional bead chromatography. Membrane adsorbers feature extremely short cycle times and provide exceptionally high flow rates and throughput. A large product portfolio of Sartobind® capsules help to introduce an economical solution to production without validation.

  • Simple handling
  • High speed polishing
  • Less buffer consumption
  • Disposable and ready-to-use

Application Note

Using the Sartobind® Pico - Optimizing Use of Micro-Scale Membrane Adsorbers on Liquid Chromatography Systems
en 1.4 MB


Sartobind® — Product Guide on Improved Versions
en 640.3 kB


Sartobind® pico 0.08 mL — Membrane chromatography tool for process development
en 231.9 kB

Connections (Physical)

  • Connectors
    Luer female connectors


  • Bed Height
    4 mm
  • Membrane Area
    2.9 cm²

General Specifications

  • Filter Format
  • Flow Rate
    0.8 – 2.4 mL/min

Materials of Construction

  • Housing Material
    Polypropylene (PP)
  • Materials of Construction
    • Polypropylene, polyester
    • polyester
  • Membrane
    Strong anion exchanger, Strong cation exchanger, Salt tolerant anion exchanger
  • Membrane Material
    Stabilised reinforced cellulose

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Operating Pressure
    0.6 MPa
  • Maximum Venting Pressure
    0.5 bar, 0.05 MPa, 7 psi
  • pH Stability
    Q, PA: 2 – 14 (short term), S: 3 – 14 (short term)

Physicochemical Information

  • Bed Volume
    0.08 mL
  • Ligand
    • Quaternary ammonium, Sulfonic acid, Primary amine (PA)
    • Sulfonic acid
    • Primary amine (PA)
  • Ligand Density
    • Q, S: 2 – 5 µeq/cm², PA: 18 – 22 µeq/cm²
    • S: 2 – 5 µeq/cm²
    • PA: 18 – 22 µeq/cm²
  • Pore Size Final-filter
    3 – 5 µm
  • Reference Protein
    Q, PA: Bovine serum albumin, S: Hen egg white lysozyme
  • Thermal Stability
    Sartobind capsules with ion exchange membranes can be autoclaved at 121 °C for 30 min. We recommend one autoclaving cycle only.
  • Void Volume
    0.4 mL

Product Information

  • Type
    Membrane adsorber
  • What you receive
    • One each of Q
    • S and STIC PA
    • 1 operating instruction
Sartobind® Adapter UNF 10-32 female to Luer male

Adapter UNF 10-32 female to Luer male for Sartobind®Material: natural PEEK