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Automated Biomass Measurement Using BioPAT® Viamass

Viamass is a system for measuring viable biomass in cell culture processes. Unlike known reference methods, this system is completely integrated into single-use bioreactors. It determines the biomass directly in line, reducing the need for manual sampling. Integrated into the bioreactor’s DCU control system, BioPAT® Viamass permits automatic monitoring and control of viable biomass.

  • Reduces the need for manual sampling

  • Real-time measurement of and feedback on viable biomass

  • Ensures batch-to-batch consistency

  • Eliminates operator influence that occurs in manual biomass measurements

Manufactured under the Licence of Hamilton.


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Biomass is one of the most important parameters in commercial-scale cell cultivation. The more details you know about a fermentation process in progress, the better you can determine the optimal feed and harvest times as well as infection points.

So far, offline methods, such as visual cell counting or semi-automatic systems, have dominated biomass measurements. However, these require representative sampling, which prevents continuous biomass measurement during a batch in progress. Moreover, offline methods do not allow real-time monitoring and control as analysis takes a long time.

The BioPAT®Viamass biomass measurement system enables the field-proven sensor technology used for decades in stainless steel fermenters to be utilized in single-use bioreactors. Based on impedance spectroscopy, this sensor technology measures the specific capacitance of the culture medium and the cells, providing an excellent correlation to viable biomass. Combined with a sophisticated automation platform, BioPAT® Viamass along with the versatile BioPAT® MFCS software suite ensures 100% traceable documentation of a process run. Using BioPAT®Viamass together with the BioPAT® MFCS family delivers decisive advantages, particularly for developing control strategies: Thanks to real-time information on viable biomass during fermentation, time-consuming and contamination-prone sampling is now a thing of the past.

BioPAT®ViaMass Signal Simulator Set

Data Cable 3m
Data Cable 3m
Item no.: SSS000038

Data Cable 5m
Data Cable 5m
Item no.: SSS000039

BioPAT®ViaMass Connect Hub 1

Potential Equalization Cable Twin System

Potential Equalization Cable 3m

Potential Equalization Cable 5m

Cable Connect Hub
Cable Connect Hub
Item no.: SSS000040