BioPAT® Xgas Cable M12/M12. 8pol. A-Kod.. 2.0m. SHD

The Serial Modbus connection cable is part of the BioPAT® Xgas system and has a length of 2m. The cable is needed to connect each sequential BioPAT® Xgas unit. The cable can be used in Biostat STR®, Biostat® B, Biostat® B-DCU, Biostat® Cplus and Biostat® D-DCU.

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For either connection method, the data cables and digital conversion boxes are provided by Sartorius Stedim in a choice of integration packages, either for computers or for BioPAT® DCU.


  • Usage


  • Additional Required Components
    • BPX0011-EXD
    • BPX0012
    • BPX0012-EXD
    • BPX0013-EXD
    • BPX0014
    • BPX0014-EXD
    • BPX0015
    • BPX0015-EXD
    • BPX0016-EXD


  • Cable Length
    2 m


  • Device/Instrument Compatibility
    • Biostat® STR
    • Biostat® B
    • Biostat® B-DCU
    • Biostat® Cplus
    • Biostat® D-DCU

Product Information

  • Brand
    BioPAT® Xgas
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