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BioPAT® Trace

BioPAT® Trace is an analysis system for simultaneous online monitoring of glucose and lactate in laboratory and industrial cultivations of microorganisms and cell lines. BioPAT® Trace ensures a high degree of measurement performance and process reliability due to its unique combination of a reusable analyser and single-use enzymatic sensors and fluidic elements.

  • Simultaneous online measurement of glucose and lactate
  • Fully automated, self-calibrating system
  • Modes: filtration, dialysis, sampling
  • Unique dialyses mode for small volume bioreactors
  • Plug & Play
  • Reusable system
  • Fully disposable sensor & fluidics set
  • Ethernet, modbus, (OPC) connectivity
  • Compact device, small footprint

Item no.:  biopattrace


During cultivation, monitoring of nutrients and metabolites plays an important role for the control strategy of the entire process. The concentration of glucose and lactate in cultivation media provides information about the biochemical status and the lifecycle of the cells. The measurement results are used for calculation of nutrient rates and fully automated control of glucose feed in real time.

Filtration Mode

Filtration mode ensures easy reliable sampling for flexible adaption to any kind of bioreactor, different filtration probes are available.

Dialysis Mode

For processes with small volumes (up to 10 l) the usage of the dialysis method is recommended. This method takes low molecular substances from the fermentation supernatant. There is no loss of fermentation volume by using this method. Different dialysis probes are available.

Connection to Single Use Fermentation Systems

The connection to single use fermentation systems is realised based on special Luer-Lok adaptions to the bags, different configuration-specific options are available.

Automation Integration

The BioPAT® Trace Glucose / Lactate Analyser can be connected to local automation (e.g. DCU), PLC and SCADA systems (e.g. BioPAT® MFCS/ win) based on different available options

  • Analog Outputs (0-10 V; 4-20 mA)
  • Ethernet connection
  • OPC

The automation integration enables fully automated glucose feed control for the cultivation process.

The following configuration shows an example of BioPAT® MFCS/ win:

  • MFCS/win server with glucose control module
  • MFCS/win 3.0 standard software package /1 fermenter
  • MFCS/win configuration
  • MFCS/win installation
  • DCU connection cable for BioPAT® Trace
  • Recipe module S88 /1 fermenter
  • Glucose feed flow controller recipe