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BioPAT® Fundalux 12mm for 1L OPL 5mm

The probe operates on a transmittance principle using IR light to track total biomass. It is a tool to increase microbial fermentation yield by maximizing the use of nutrients, gases and other critical parameters. The system reduces the cost associated with 24-hour sampling and removes inconsistent off-line analysis. The BioPAT® Fundalux comes integrated into our BioPAT® DCU and automatic data conversion to optical density can be achieved with BioPAT® MFCS.

Item no.:  BPF1L05


BioPAT® Fundalux 12mm for 1L UniVessel® OPL 5mm:

BioPAT® Fundalux is an absorption-based photometric probe that uses infrared light to measure the turbidity in bioreactors. A precisely defined and constant LED light beam passes through the process medium from either side of the gap on the probe’s shaft. Its hermetically sealed photodiode detects attenuation of the light intensity, which is caused when light is absorbed by cellular mass, dissolved compounds and insoluble material. The 180° constant direct beam optical path lengths (OPL) allow maximum utilization of LED light intensity. The changes in detected light intensity are caused by different degrees of absorption by materials in the medium. In addition, as BioPAT® Fundalux operates according to the transmittance principle in the NIR range, it is not affected by color changes in the cultivation medium. As a result, the probe measures the concentration of total biomass accurately and constantly throughout a process.

Technical details:

  • 1-Channel Absorption Probe (NIR)
  • Range of wavelength: 840 - 910 nm
  • Materials (wetted parts): Stainless steel 1.4435 (SS 316 L) dF < 1%, BN2Surface: electro-polished Ra < 0.4 μmWindows: Sapphire (seal-less)
  • Port connection: Fermenter head plates Diameter: 12 mm, Thread PG 13.5
  • Installation Kit included3 x O-Ring 11.00 x 3.00 mm EPDM (FDA / USP Class VI)1 x Pressure disc for O-ring 11.0 x 3.00 mm
  • Process temperature: Permanent temperature: 5 - 50°C (41 - 122°F)
  • Autoclavable (without cable)
  • Process pressure: pressure-free (+/- 0.5 bar) (+/- 7.25 psi)
  • Cable connection: Connector (push-pull)
  • Sensor cable (2 m) included, pluggable on both side
  • 3.1 Inspection certificate included
  • BioPAT® DCU: one screen, data collection & control
  • Flexible entry into your fermenter vessel
  • Optimal biomass coverage for your culture
  • Treat just like your pH and dO probe
  • Up to 10 years lamp lifetime
  • Assurance of BIOSTAT® compatibility and quality


BioPAT® Fundalux Online Measurement of Turbidity and Total Biomass
en 370.3 kB

Connections (Physical)

  • Connector
    12 mm


  • Insertion Length
    115 mm
  • Optical Path Length
    5 mm

Product Information

  • Brand
    BioPAT® Fundalux