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Pro Mixer Drive unit

The Pro Mixer drive unit levitates and rotates the single-use magnetic impeller in the mixing bag with no surface contact.

The Pro Mixer drive unit features automated control of the mixing parameters, offers a user-friendly touchscreen interface and can manage multiple Palletank for Mixing units.

Item no.:  FMD300001

The Pro Mixer drive unit levitates and rotates the single-use magnetic impeller in the mixing bag with no surface contact.

The Pro Mixer drive unit is flexible, mobile, cart-mounted and designed to interface with all types and volumes of Palletank for Mixing units.

The drive unit touchscreen guides users from bag installation to the end of the mixing run with simple-to-follow instructions for each stage of the process.

The Pro Mixer drive unit enables both local and remote control mixing. In local mode, options include manual operation or the use of a predefined mixing recipe to ensure the same time and speed conditions.

The Pro Mixer drive unit features automated control, monitors the impeller speed, offers mixing recipes and includes password management


  • Area of Application
  • Process Step
    • Buffer Preparation
    • Media Preparation
    • Drug Substance Purification
    • Drug Product Formulation
    • Cell Harvest & Downstream Processing Intermediates

Compliance Information

  • IP Rating
    IP 23


  • Dimensions
    439 × 1,242 × 1,006 mm
  • Dimensions folded (W×D×H)
    439 × 1,242 × 1,006 mm


  • Mobility
    Mounted on stainless cart with four clean room wheels and push handles

Materials of Construction

  • Material for External Surfaces
    316 L Stainless Steel

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Power Consumption
    100 – 240 VAC ± 10%

Power Requirements

  • Input Wattage
    < 1200 Watts
  • Power Plug
    US / EU
  • Power Requirements
    100 – 240 VAC ± 10%

Product Information

  • Primary Product Type
    Mixing Drive Units


  • Impeller Speed
    20 – 750 RPM

Storage Conditions

  • Ambient Conditions
    2 – 30 °C


  • Weight
    100 kg
Palletank for Mixing

Palletank For Mixing is a stainless steel container designed to perfectly fit with the Flexel® Bag for LevMixer® or Flexel® Bag for Magnetic Mixer from 50L to 3000L. It includes a railed port for coupling the mobile Drive Unit and a clamp holder to facilitate powder transfer.

Flexsafe® Pro Mixer Bag

The Flexsafe® Pro Mixer is a unique, single-use mixer that can accommodate a wide range of mixing steps in both upstream and downstream processes.

Flexsafe® Pro Mixer technology combines speed and efficiency to deliver high performance mixing during powder dissolution and a levitating impeller to preserve the drug during low shear blending applications. Its ergonomic design enables intuitive, modular and agile use to achieve fast installation and operational excellence.

The Flexsafe® Pro Mixer provides the high levels of control that are essential for cGMP biomanufacturing.

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