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EZ-PCR™ Mycoplasma Detection Kit

Highly-sensitive PCR assay designed with enhanced specificity to test for over 90 species of Mycoplasma, Acholeplasma, and Spiroplasma in cell cultures, with a detection limit of 10 CFU/mL. Includes ready-to-use reagents to perform 20 reactions, each with internal control.

Item no.:  20-700-20

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The EZ-PCR™ Mycoplasma Detection Kit is a highly-sensitive and -specific PCR assay designed to test for the presence of over 90 species of Mycoplasma, Acholeplasma, and Spiroplasma in cell cultures with a detection limit of 10 CFU/mL. The kit contains a ready-to-use PCR reaction mix with highly-optimized mycoplasma-specific primers, a positive control, and an internal control, all for the simple and efficient discovery of mycoplasma contamination. Samples can be prepared in as little as 10 minutes and results can be easily obtained within just a few hours.

  • Easy to use. A complete PCR reaction mix that contains primers, Taq polymerase, and dNTPs is included.
  • Easy to run. Follow a simple protocol with ready-to-use reagents for as little as 10 minutes of preparation..
  • Easy to interpret. Internal and positive controls are included to ensure efficient and accurate PCR interpretation.

Avoid False Negatives - Internal Control Included

The EZ-PCR™ Mycoplasma Detection Kit includes an internal amplification control, a plasmid containing a non-mycoplasma-specific DNA sequence to test for false negatives. This internal control is simultaneously amplified in the tube with cell culture samples, and should be used with all PCR samples, including the negative and positive controls. This combination rules out inhibition from biological material, among other assay malfunctions that lead to misinterpretation of results, namely, false negatives.

The Importance of Routine Testing

Mycoplasma are one of the most common, yet elusive, contaminants of mammalian cell cultures. As the smallest known free-living organism, mycoplasma are a pervasive, parasitic species of highly-infectious bacteria that are estimated to contaminate between 15-35% of all continuous cell cultures worldwide. While other mycoplasma detection methods are available, PCR-based assays have the highest sensitivity with minimal preparation time for early detection in a rapid and simple manner, when compared to other methods.

The earlier mycoplasma contamination is discovered, the simpler it is to treat. The easy-to-use and cost-efficient EZ-PCR™ Mycoplasma Detection Kit was designed for highly-sensitive routine screening and detection of mycoplasma and other closely related species. To avoid major contamination, testing should be carried out minimally every 2 weeks to 3 months, especially when shared incubator spaces are used, as well as prior to the incorporation of new cultures from outside sources.

Efficient and precise PCR-based testing for mycoplasma infection should also be conducted throughout the cell culture manufacturing process from inoculation through harvest, involving routine tests of raw materials, cell banks, and viral seed stocks.

Requirements from Leading Scientific Journals and European Pharmacopoeia Guidance

Due to the prevalence of mycoplasma in cell cultures and, more importantly, the adverse effects on a number of cellular functions that contamination causes, many major, high-impact scientific journals have begun requiring proof of testing prior to publication. Moreover, regulatory guidance recommends that all products derived from mammalian cell culture be tested for the presence of mycoplasma. Already in 2007, the European Pharmacopoeia (5.8, Sec. 2.6.7) provided guidance on the validation requirements for nucleic acid amplification–based methods (PCR) as a substitute for the time-consuming, direct cell culture methods of detection.


EZ PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit product sheet
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Mycoplasma Facts infographic poster
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Safety Datasheet

EZ PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit MSDS (GB)
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User Manual

EZ PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit Instructions For Use
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General Specifications

  • Detection Method


  • Sample Volume

eShop Dynamic Attributes

  • Additional Required Components
    • Mineral Oil
    • Agarose for gel electrophoresis
    • Sterile distilled water
  • Application Area
    Mycoplasma Detection
  • Delivery Condition
  • Pack Size
    20 Reactions
  • What you receive
    • Reaction Mix (200μl)
    • Buffer Solution (1.0ml)
    • Positive Template Control (20μl)
    • Internal control DNA template (20μl)
    • Internal control primers mix (100μl)