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Microbiology Products

Microbiology products for microbial enumeration, air monitoring and sterility testing: membranes, single use devices and instruments for microbial enumeration by the membrane filtration method, instruments and disposable plates for sampling of airborne microorganisms as well as disposable closed systems for the compendial sterility testing and PCR-based tests for Mycoplasma contamination control represent a broad range of advanced microbiology products.

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MD8 airscan air sampling system (100V)

The MD8 airscan air sampler, together with gelatin membrane filter disposables, constitutes an airborne microorganism sampling system for accurate, reproducible and quantitative detection of airborne microorganisms in clean rooms and isolators, whether conventionally ventilated or under laminar flow.

Command unit for active air monitoring with the MD8 Airscan®


Laboratory Working Area
Cleanroom (A-D; ISO 5-9)
Azide Biosart® 100 Media
Azide Biosart® 100 Media
Item no.:   16400-02----KF-K


Culture Media
Azide, KF Strep
Target Microorganism
Biosart® 100 Monitors
Biosart® 100 Monitors
Item no.:   16401-47-06----K


Package Type
Pore Size
0.45 µm