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Nutrient Pad Sets, Dehydrated Media Pads in Standard TTC Media and 0.45µm gridded Membrane Filter

Nutrient Pad Sets consist of biologically inert cellulose pads impregnated with liquid nutrient media of the formula corresponding to their type. They are individually pre-plated in autosterile petri dishes consisting of polystyrene. The standard NPS box contains 100 sterile Nutrient Pads. Ten petri dishes are sealed in an aluminum bag. This special packaging protects the sensitive formula constituents during transport and storage from fluctuations in humidity and temperature. They are always used in conjunction with membrane filters. Hence each type of Nutrient Pad comes with individually packed and sterilized membrane filters. These membrane filters are tailored to meet special requirements of microbial detection.    

Top Features of NPS:   

  • Trouble-free storage up to 24 months 
  • Easy handling 
  • Specialized Packaging for a long shelf life  
  • No need for cooling during storage and transportation   

Popular Applications for Standard TTC NPS:   

  • Total Colony Count in raw materials, water (general quality), wastewater, beverages, beer and other products

Item no.:  14055--47------N

Price (USD):  $220.00


Sartorius nutrient pad sets are practical. They require moisture with 3.0 – 3.5 mL of sterile and demineralized water, and they are ready to use. Optimal moisture is evident when an excess ring of water surrounds the NPS. Once moistened, you have a sterile culture media appropriate for optimal microorganism growth.   

Secure Shipping 

Each nutrient pad is individually inserted into a petri dish and sterilized. Ten of these petri dishes are sealed in an aluminum bag, protecting the constituents of the nutrient pad during transport. This ensures that you receive a high-quality product that you can use with confidence. Quality persists throughout the entire shelf life of the nutrient pads up to 24 months.   

Compliance with International Standards 

These nutrient pads meet the standards of diverse international water and food industry organizations. Aside from the European drinking water directive, they comply with international pharmacopoeias, DIN and ISO standards, the American Standards for Water and Foods, mineral water regulations, brewery guidelines such as MEBAC and EBC and recommendations of the food industry such as LMBG, NCA, and ICUMSA.   

Economical and Convenient 

A standard NPS box contains 100 sterile nutrient pads. Membrane filters are also included and individually sterile packaged. To enhance ease of use, membrane filters of the RDN versions are compatible with the Microsart® e.motion Dispenser and conveniently inserted. The nutrient pads prevent time-consuming and labor-intensive preparation of nutrient media, including sterilization and cleaning, maximizing laboratory workflow. 


Microbiological Testing of Foods, Beverages, Drinking Water and Pharmaceuticals
en 6.9 MB


Nutrient Pad Sets Poster NPS
en 1.1 MB


  • Diameter
    ⌀ 47 mm
  • Dimensions WxDxH
    170 × 390 × 140 mm

Physicochemical Information

  • Pore Size
    0.45 µm

Product Information

  • Pack Size
  • Packaging
    10 Bags of 10 Dishes
Microsart® Funnel 100
Item no.


Microsart® Funnels allow quick performance of the filtration steps required in the routine microbiological analysis of water, food and beverages, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. A Sartorius gridded membrane filter is placed on a stainless steel filter support and a Microsart® Funnel is simply mounted by clicking it on. The funnels, available for various sample volumes, are made of polypropylene and are thus elastic enough to ensure optimal sealing with a click-fit closure.

Tweezers, stainless steel


Membrane filters should be handled with tweezers to avoid possible contamination by hand contact. Sartorius stainless steel tweezers are flammable and autoclavable. The gripping surfaces are flat and rounded for gentle, firm hold of the membrane filter.