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Air Monitoring Equipment

Air monitoring equipment is used for air sampling applications, such as the detection of air-borne organisms, virus collections or background monitoring. One may choose between air scanners with gelatine membrane filters, an isokinetic sampling feature or portable air samplers that can use the membrane filter method or the impaction method. Gelatine filters and BACTair™ culture medium plates are available separately and reliable and highly consistent air monitoring is guaranteed.

MD8 airscan air sampling system (100V)

The MD8 airscan air sampler, together with gelatin membrane filter disposables, constitutes an airborne microorganism sampling system for accurate, reproducible and quantitative detection of airborne microorganisms in clean rooms and isolators, whether conventionally ventilated or under laminar flow.

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Command unit for active air monitoring with the MD8 Airscan®

The MD8 Airscan® in conjunction with the gelatin membrane filters not only allows the collection of airborne microorganisms, it also enables technicians to capture smallest particles, like viruses.

The command unit is part of the MD8 Airscan®. It operates the air sampler, allows the intake and display of data and stores up to 300 measurements. It is only functional in conjunction with a stainless steel sampling head either Triclamp (16746-01--SHT) or Bayonet version (16746-01--SHB) and a quick connector cable (69898530). One piece of the quick connector cable comes along with the Command unit.

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Gelatine Membrane Filters, Diameter 50mm, Pack Size 100

Gelatine filters in conjunction with the MD8 air samplers (gelatine filter method) are used for collection of airborne microbes and viruses - individually, sterile packaged membranes guarantee reliable and accurate results

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