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Transfer Cart, 100L

The Transfer Carts are designed to minimize the operator efforts when transferring Celsius® Paks between the equipment and accessories of the Celsius® CFT platform.

Item no.:  FTH-TC00100-0001


The Transfer Carts is a polished stainless steel cart with pharmaceutical-grade casters.

TC100 Transfer Cart with a maximum carrying capacity of 100 L. The TC100 holds up to six Celsius® Pak Carriers, twelve 8.3L Celsius® Paks, six 16.6L Celsius® Paks, or a mix of each

The Transfer Carts include a docking system that perfectly aligns with the bays in the Celsius® FT33 | 66 | 100, the Fill Station, the SM100 - Storage Module and the Celsius® SSM, as well as locking casters. This system ensures that the Celsius® Paks can easily slide into or out from the Celsius® CFT equipment with minimum effort and complete safety for both the operator and the product.


Celsius® CFT - The Controlled-Rate Freeze & Thaw Platform Technology
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Celsius Pre-designed Solutions for Freeze & Thaw - Robust, Complete and Scalable Solution for Frozen Storage and Shipment
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Celsius CFT Logistic Accessories
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General Specifications

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    Reusable: Yes

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    Celsius® CFT