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SSM, Shippable Storage Module, Celsius®

The Celsius® Shippable Storage Module (SSM) allows storage of up to 100 L of frozen product in 8.3L and 16.6L Celsius® Paks. The Celsius® SSM can be directly placed inside the Celsius® SSM Shipper for safe, reliable frozen transport to remote locations.

Item no.:  FTH-SM00101-0024


The Celsius® Shippable Storage Module (SSM) is a purpose-designed suspension and protective system comprised of plastic parts that fit together to secure frozen 8.3L and 16.6L Celsius® Paks. The SSM has a plastic pallet and top cap that is the same dimension as a euro pallet (800 x 1200 mm) to minimize footprint. The Celsius® SSM is mounted onto a detachable trolley that permits the easy transport into freezers while allowing removing it for storage. The Celsius® SSM Trolley can also be docked with the Celsius® FT33 | 66 | 100 or Transfer Cart for easy transfer of frozen Celsius® Pak. The Celsius® SSM can be shipped into the SSM shipper to remote locations.

The Celsius® SSM can accommodate up to six 8.3 Celsius® Paks, six 16.6L Celsius® Paks, or a mix of each.


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General Specifications

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    Reusable: Yes

Product Information

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    Celsius® CFT
Shipper, SSM, with 2 Straps, Celsius®

The Celsius® SSM Shipper is a robust, pre-qualified, reusable shipping solution that ensures safe shipment of multiple frozen 8.3L and 16.6L Celsius® Pak stored in Celsius® SSM to remote locations. Celsius® SSM Shipper is refrigerated by dry-ice slabs which contributes to significantly simplify biopharmaceuticals supply chain through the transport of up to 100L product per unit to its destination site for thawing.

SSM Trolley
Item no.

The SSM Trolley is designed to safely and securely transport the SSM from the Celsius CFT system to walk-in freezers within the same facility.