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Overpouch for Celsius®-Pak 100mL

Aluminum foil overpouch provides a highly restrictive gas barrier overpouch for 100mL Celsius®-Paks.

Item no.:  FDP102667


Aluminum foil overpouch for Celsius®-Pak 100mL are used to eliminate oxygen and water vapor transmission. This accessory is primarily used for stability tests where small volume single-use bags have an extreme surface area to volume ratio. Water loss in such single-use bags can impact stability skewing the 'true' results.

  • Foil material for steam sterilization applications
  • High gas and water barrier
  • Pre-printing available

Formula: PET|Nylon|Aluminum Foil|CPP

Method of Sealing: Impulse or Heat

Method of Sterilzation: Steam


  • Aseptic Connector Device
  • Bag Port 1
    ⅛” × ¼” × 15 cm (6”) + Female LL + Plug, pinch clamp
  • Port 1
    • ⅛” × ¼” × 15 cm (6”) + Female LL + Plug, pinch clamp
    • pinch clamp
  • Thermowell
  • Venting Filter
  • Volume
    100 mL


  • Dimensions WxDxH
    92.5 × 42.5 × 19.2 cm

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