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Frame, 8.3L Celsius® Pak 2G

8.3L Celsius® Pak Frames are reusable protective structural frames purposely engineered to fit with 8.3L Celsius® Pak. They protect the contents of 8.3L Celsius® Pak throughout its lifecycle during all processes, making the assembly robust, reliable and simple for confident handling, storage and shipping of the Celsius® Paks.

Item no.:  FTH-CF00008-0015


8.3L Celsius® Paks Frames protect the entire single-use assembly and instill confidence during all handling, storage and shipping of the Celsius® Paks. 8.3L Celsius® Paks Frames are reusable items and mandatory for filling, freezing, storing, shipping and thawing of 8.3L Celsius® Paks. 8.3L Celsius® Paks need to be assembled to their respective protective frames before being processed through the different operations of the Celsius® CFT platform.

Protected tubings and connectors

8.3L Celsius® Paks Frames protect the tubings and connectors throughout the entire product life cycle. Once assembled to the frames, the drain line of the 8.3L Celsius® Paks is positioned and maintained inside the tubing channel along to the frame side with retention tabs. The 8.3L Celsius® Paks Frames design has a pocket for an aseptic connector located at the base of the frame end. This pocket provides support for a 8.3L Celsius® Pak equipped with OPTA® as outlet connector on the drain line.

Shocks absorbers withstanding frozen bags tipping

Four foam bumpers are located at the top of the 8.3L Celsius® Paks Frames to cushion the frozen 8.3L Celsius® Paks during tip-over impacts and during end-to-end impacts. Tip-over tests have been run to validate this protection.

Large plastic handles for confident handling

8.3L Celsius® Paks Frames have large plastic handles that are molded in to the frame end for an easy manipulation.

Fits perfectly with the side shape of the frozen Celsius® Paks, holding ice blocks & preventing relative motion

The concave geometry of the 8.3L Celsius® Paks Frames end were designed to follow the contour of the ice block when frozen. In this way the ice block is supported during shocks and cannot shear away from the 8.3L Celsius® Paks Frames. The result is that the frozen Celsius® Paks can be successfully transported in a vertical configuration.


Celsius® CFT - The Controlled-Rate Freeze & Thaw Platform Technology
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Celsius Pre-designed Solutions for Freeze & Thaw - Robust, Complete and Scalable Solution for Frozen Storage and Shipment
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Celsius CFT Logistic Accessories
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