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Celsius® Pak 1 L and 2 L Carrier

The Celsius® Pak Carrier allows processing the 1L or 2L Celsius® Paks in the Celsius® FT33 | 66 | 100. The Celsius® Pak Carrier can receive up to height 1L Celsius® Paks, four 2L Celsius® Paks, or a mix of each.

Item no.:  FTH-CF00004-0020


The Celsius® Pak Carrier is a mechanical device designed to hold 1 L and 2 L Celsius® Paks. The Celsius® Paks are mounted on both faces of the Carrier and are affixed by stainless steel brackets that were purposely designed to the 1L and 2L Celsius® Paks. A total of eight brackets are provided on each face. This Carrier is used for freezing and thawing in the Celsius® FT33 | 66 | 100. Each freezing chamber of the Celsius® FT100 holds up to two Celsius® Pak Carriers, six in total for a complete Celsius® FT100. The TC33 and TC100 Transfer Carts hold up to two and six Celsius® Pak Carriers, respectively.


Celsius® CFT - The Controlled-Rate Freeze & Thaw Platform Technology
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Celsius Pre-designed Solutions for Freeze & Thaw - Robust, Complete and Scalable Solution for Frozen Storage and Shipment
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Celsius CFT Logistic Accessories
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    Reusable: Yes

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    Celsius® CFT