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Palletank® for Large Volume Storage, 2000 L, Not Stackable, 547 kg, 1,603 × 1,076 × 3,012 mm

Large volume storage are designed with ergonomic features and design to limit operator manipulations and overall simplify operations. This results in increased process safety by minimizing risks for product, operator and process. True ease of use also leads to fast set up, filling and draining for maximized process efficiency.

Item no.:  FXC304055

Availability:  On Request


Palletank® for storage are stainless steel containers designed for the safe and robust storage of biopharmaceutical fluids contained in Flexsafe® 3D Bags. They are available in volumes of 200 L and 500 L. The Flexsafe® 3D Bags are manufactured according to a qualified design that precisely fits the Palletank®.

Features & Benefits:

Qualified System

Perfect fit and protection of the Flexsafe® 3D Bag in its Palletank®

Stackable Version

Space saving containment system

Optimal Bag Unfolding

without operator manipulation with the self-deploying accessory


Pre-Designed Solutions (PDS) Provide Simpler, Safer, Faster & Cheaper Supply Chains for SUS
en 8.9 MB


  • Dimensions folded (W×D×H)

General Specifications

  • Surface Finish
    Glass bead blasted and passivated


  • Volume
    1,000 L

eShop Dynamic Attributes

  • Application Area
    Liquid Storage & Shipping
  • Bottom Gates
  • Integrated Pallet
  • Lid
  • Process Step
    • Media Preparation
    • Buffer Preparation
    • Drug Substance Purification
    • Drug Product Formulation
    • Cell Harvest & Downstream Processing Intermediates
  • Stacking

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