Palletank® for In Process Fluid Handling

Palletank® for In Process Fluid Handling are specifically developed for users who wish to leave the containers in close proximity to process equipment. It is available from 100L up-to 3,000L.

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The double hinged front doors of the Palletank® for In Process Fluid Handling allow bag replacement, installation and manipulation whilst Palletank® are stacked up in the process area (up to 1000 L) thus enabling continuous processing without movement of the containers. As a result a forklift is not routinely required in the manufacturing area. A specially designed dolly up-to 1000 L (accessory) facilitates the convenient movement of material throughout the facility.

The unique lifting system for large volume tanks provides optimal 1bag unfolding and filling. A specially designed bottom gate allows safe passage of large bore tubing, 1,5” tri clamps, QC bags and filters. The front and side bin access additionally eases the bag deployment in the container when filling.

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Flexsafe® 3D Bags for Palletank®
Item no.

Flexsafe® 3D Bags are designed for storage and shipping of large volume of biopharmaceutical fluids in Palletank®. The large range of Flexsafe® Pre-Designed Solutions (PDS) from 100 L to 3000 L allows for storage, sampling, transfer and shipping in all process steps.

Flexel® 3D Bags for Palletank®
Item no.

Flexel® 3D single-use bags for Palletank® are designed for processing and storage of large volumes of biopharmaceuticals fluids in Palletank® containers. Flexel® 3D Bags are available in a choice of 50 L to 1000 L as standard (customized offer available).

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