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Drums for Storage

The plastic drum containers offer a cost-effective containment solution for the storage and processing of media and buffer in Flexsafe® 3D Bags for drum.

Item no.:  FBC125629

Availability:  On Request


The flat and smooth surfaces of the drum facilitate cleaning and sanitization for clean room operations.

They are available with volumes of 50 L, 100 L and 200 L to fit with Flexsafe® I Flexel® 3D Bags for drum of the same volumes.

The drums are available with a lid and a bottom gate for use with Flexsafe® I Flexel® 3D Bag for drum fitted or not with a bottom drain line.

The drum and filled bag can be moved safely with a stainless steel dolly available in two sizes 50 L | 100 L and 200 L.


Flexsafe® 2D & 3D Pre-Designed Solutions for Storage and Shipping
en 15.9 MB


  • Inner Diameter
    559 mm
  • Outer Diameter
    918 mm


  • Volume
    200 L

eShop Dynamic Attributes

  • Application Area
    Liquid Storage & Shipping
  • Bottom Gates
  • Process Step
    • Media Preparation
    • Buffer Preparation
Drum Dolly
Drum Dolly
Item no.: FXA126306

The Drum Dolly is a stainless steel caster built on wheels allowing to move around the Drum.

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