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Luer-Activated Access Valve on Silicone Tubing

Safely and securely collect more than hundred samples into syringes through the luer-activated access valve.

Validated to maintain a microbial battier after 140 connections, the system is ideal for high-frequency sampling for process monitoring including pH, gas concentrations, metabolites, nutrients, IgG and more.

Item no.:  BNCHSSBF0003

Availability:  On Request


High Capacity Sampling

The luer-activated access valve on BENCHMARK™ is validated to maintain a microbial barrier after 140 connections with a male-luer device including syringes for sample collection.

Easy to Use

Simply swab the surface of the fitting with a sanitizing agent, connect a sterile syringe and collect your sample.

Clear residual liquid in tubing into a purge syringe before taking the next sample. Protein flushing studies demonstrate 100% clearance from access site after total flushing of 3mL.

Gamma-Irradiated and Ready-to-Use, simply connect to tubing from your process vessel.

Sample Smarter

BENCHMARK™ preserves sterility on the vessel the sample is collected from. The sample is open to the environment once the collection container is disconnected from BENCHMARK™ and so not suitable for bioburden|sterility testing, endotoxin testing or retain samples.

Critical Properties

Aside from validation to maintian microbial barrier properites after 140 engagments, BENCHMARK™ meets the following standards:

  • USP Class VI
  • USP 85
  • USP <381>
  • USP <661>
  • 21CFR177.2600

Application Note

Aseptic Sampling Best Practices: Sample Collection for pH and Gas Analysis
en 629.1 kB


  • Inner Diameter
    ⅛" (3.2 mm)
  • Outer Diameter
    ¼" (6.4 mm)
  • Tube Length

eShop Dynamic Attributes

  • Application Area
  • Check Valve
  • Material Tubings
    Silicone Tubing
  • Sample Container Type