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Flexsafe® RM 50L basic SC (5 pcs)

Flexsafe® RM bag is a single-use bioreactor bag and a member of our bioprocessing bag Flexsafe® family with outstanding film quality. Benefit from the same polyethylene film material across all your cell culture steps. The bags are mainly used for an easy and quick seed train and scale up to our BIOSTAT® STR single-use stirred tank bioreactor equipped with Flexsafe® STR bags. Flexsafe® RM bags fit on rocking motion bioreactors from several manufacturers.

Item no.:  DFB050L----01SC


  • Excellent cell growth and robustness
  • Scalable S80 Film
  • Bag sizes - from 1L to 200L
  • Customized bag designs possible
  • Bags can be used on some competitor systems

Flexsafe® RM basic bag is a robust 2D single-use bag for BIOSTAT® RM 20/50 or BIOSTAT® RM 200. It also fits the rocking motion bioreactors of various other manufacturers. The basic bag is mainly used for quick and easy seed trains and can also be scaled up to our BIOSTAT® STR single-use stirred tank bioreactor. Our Flexsafe® RM bags are proven for a broad range of different cell lines including CHO, NS0, SF9, E. coli and mesenchymal stem cells. They are available in seven different sizes supporting working volumes from 100 ml up to 100 l. Standard designs are available from stock.

Flexsafe® RM 50L basic bag with screw cap is a robust 2D single-use bag for BIOSTAT® RM 20/50. It is mainly used for quick and easy seed trains with constant conditions without pH and DO control and can be scaled up to larger bioreactors also equipped with Flexsafe® bags. The screw cap on bag allows bulk additions.The bags are gamma-irradiated and ready to use and come in working volumes ranging from 5 l to 25 l.


BIOSTAT® RM and Flexsafe® RM for Seed Production and Small-scale Protein Supply
en 3.2 MB


  • Number of Ports
    6 pc.
  • Sensors

General Specifications

  • Filter Unit
    Gas inlet and outlet filter
  • Screw Cap for Bulk Additions
  • Tubing
    • C-Flex®374, Silicone, PharMed®Natvar ABL-1222 TPE
    • Silicone
    • PharMed®Natvar ABL-1222 TPE

Materials of Construction

  • Film Material
  • Gas Barrier Layer Material
    Ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH)
  • Product Contact Layer Material
    Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE)

Product Information

  • Brand
    Flexsafe® RM


  • Delivery Condition
    Irradiated with 25-40kGy.


  • Volume
    50 L
  • Working Volume
    5 – 25 L