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Biostat STR® Generation 3

The Biostat STR® Generation 3 Bioreactor System is designed for rapid process development and seamless scaling to commercial manufacturing. It is powered by Biobrain®, a new automation platform with data-driven software and a complete suite of analytical tools.

Item no.:  BIOSTATSTR3


Biostat STR® hardware, software, and consumables comprise a state-of-the-art single use biomanufacturing platform that delivers exceptional performance to meet your process development and commercial manufacturing needs. Biostat STR® bioreactors and Flexsafe STR® bags range in size from 50L to 2000L and are engineered to maximize the flexibility and scalability of operations. This next generation of the Biostat STR® system is engineered for quality, precision and seamless scalability so that you can accelerate your success with a stable process that delivers a safe, reliable biologic medicine for patients around the world.

  • Choose your ideal configuration of pumps, balances, sensors, and other equipment
  • Update the system as needed with a simple software change
  • Enrich your process understanding and control by installing BioPAT® MFCS, a specialized SCADA software that captures, stores, and visualizes process data

Biostat STR® Generation 3 Configurations

Our solutions have been predesigned into three configurations with flexible options and easy upgrades. Select the configuration that best fits your current needs and can conveniently adapt to any future requirements.



Performance Plus

Perfusion ready X X
Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) Toolbox
BioPAT® Foam Optional Optional X
BioPAT® Trace Optional Optional
BioPAT® Viamass Optional Optional
BioPAT® Xgas Optional Optional
BioPAT® Spectro Optional Optional
Electrochemical pH sensor X X X
No. of external pumps 2 4 4
Load cells X X X
Mass flow controller 6 6 6
Flexsafe STR® bags X X X
Sartocheck® bag tester Optional Optional X
Integration Capabilities
Recipe editing and execution X X X
Local data storage X X X
Native Emerson DeltaV™ X X
Process design support and services X X


  • Generation
    Generation 3
  • Temperature Range
    5 – 40°C


  • Power Requirements
    208 – 400 VAC
  • Process Step
    • Process Development
    • Pilot
    • Clinical Trial Manufacturing
    • Commercial Manufacturing
  • Relative Humidity