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BENCHMARK™ Sampling System

Safely and securely collect more than hundred samples into syringes through the luer-activated access valve.

Validated to maintain a microbial battier after 140 connections, the system is ideal for high-frequency sampling for process monitoring including pH, gas concentrations, metabolites, nutrients, IgG and more.


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Luer-Activated Access Valve with one-way Check Valve on Silicone Tubing
Check Valve
Luer-Activated Access Valve with one-way Check Valve on C-Flex Tubing
Check Valve
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BENCHMARK™ gives you the power to select the right sample collection system for the right type of sample.

Not all samples are created equal. Preserving sterility on the process vessel and sample collected is critical for retain samples and bioburden, sterility or endotoxin samples. You can never compromise on preserving sterility in the process vessel but a a majority of samples collected need not be collected or held in aseptically closed systems.

BENCHMARK™ preserves sterility on your process vessel while enabling sample collection into economical syringes.

High Capacity Sampling

The luer-activated access valve on BENCHMARK™ is validated to maintain a microbial barrier after 140 connections with a male-luer device including syringes for sample collection.

Easy to Use

Simply swab the surface of the fitting with a sanitizing agent, connect a sterile syringe and collect your sample.

Clear residual liquid in tubing into a purge syringe before taking the next sample. Protein flushing studies demonstrate 100% clearance from access site after total flushing of 3mL.

Gamma-Irradiated and Ready-to-Use, simply connect BENCHMARK™ to the tubing from your process vessel.

Added Security

BENCHMARK™ designes includes a one-way check valve immediatly downstream from the connection site. The valve prevents fluid or air from flowing into your vessel helping to preserve purity in your process vessel.

Sample Smarter

BENCHMARK™ preserves sterility on the vessel the sample is collected from. The sample is open to the environment once the collection container is disconnected from BENCHMARK™ and so not suitable for bioburden|sterility testing, endotoxin testing or retain samples.

Application Note

Aseptic Sampling Best Practices: Sample Collection for pH and Gas Analysis
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