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Biosafe® Aseptic Transfer Single-Use Bag

Our complete range of Biosafe® 110 bags offers reliable and easy-to-use solutions for the secure transfer of components and materials while maintaining the integrity of the critical area in isolators, RABS and cleanrooms.

Used in conjunction with the Biosafe® 110 port, the Biosafe® 110 bags are available in a variety of configurations designed to meet the specific needs of all applications.


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Biosafe® 110 Bag Gamma sterile for waste removal
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Removal of Waste
40 L
One Biosafe Connector
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Biosafe® 110 bags allow the transfer of stoppers, plungers, seals, plastic bottles and various other components between two environments with different air quality classifications. The Biosafe® 110 aseptic transfer bags are the single-use alternative to traditional stainless steel rigid transfer containers in a large variety of applications. This transfer is done thanks to the Biosafe® 110 port which is installed on the wall of the critical area.

Single-use Biosafe® 110 bags improve process safety by reducing the risk of cross-contamination from batch to batch and product to product. The ports also eliminate the need for costly and time consuming cleaning and sterilization procedures that are required with traditional transfer containers.

The overmolding of the bottle-shaped bag film directly onto the flange of the connector results in a high level of robustness of the attachment.

The bags have been extensively qualified to ensure highest robustness of the container in comparison with the real conditions of use of the Biosafe® 110 bags when they are filled with components.

The manufacturing process of the Biosafe® 110 bags has been improved to bring automation to the most critical assembly steps, resulting in a high cleanliness level of the final product.

The Biosafe® 110 aseptic transfer bags can be manufactured with several optional add-ons to best fit your requirements. An inner flexible sleeve or rigid collar can be deployed in the critical area to guide the components during their passage through the Biosafe® 110 port. A protective cover over the Biosafe® 110 connector protects from particle contamination prior to docking the bag.


Biosafe® Aseptic Transfer Bags
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Biosafe® 110 Bottle-shaped Bags
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