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Mycap® for Media; 6 x 1000mL Square PETG Bottle

Sterile filter media directly into manifold of six 1000mL Square PETG Bottle through pre-attached Sartopore® 2 Filter.

Quickly and simply disconnect filter with Quickseal® aseptic disconnect.

Aseptically connect filled bottle at point-of-use by pre-attached aseptic connector (Aseptiquik® S) or tube welding (C-Flex® 1/8″ID x 1/4″ OD|3.2mm ID x 6.4mm OD).

Individually double bagged, gamma irradiated and ready for use.

Item no.:  MCMD1000060204B


* 72 Hours Turnaround Time

Sartorius' Mycap® Bottle Closures make aseptic fluid transfer into and out of bottles simple and reliable.

Mycap® for Media Bottles include a Sartopore® Sterilizing filter along the tubing inlet so media can be sterile filtered into the bottle. Filters are quickly and easily removed by cutting the Quickseal® collar. The second port on the Mycap® Bottle Closure is aseptically connected at the point of use to transfer sterilized media into the receiving container.

Dip Tube Tip

Tubing ports on Mycap® feature our dip tube tip. The polypropylene component prevents the tube from becoming stuck or suctioned to the wall or bottom of the bottle during fluid removal. The subtle saddle shape ensure media is transferred out, down to the very last drop.

Universal Closure

All Mycap® have our robust, plasticizer-free platinum-cured silicone seal. Silicone is well recognized as the high-performance closure resin preventing contaminants from getting in and maintaining a microbial barrier across a wide temperature range including autoclave. Mycap® feature the same seal regardless of bottle type, tubing size, tubing type or port configuration making it simple to validate one and use Mycap® anywhere in your drug production process—Mycap® is the first universal closure system.

Technical Note

Compliance Information

  • Bacterial Endotoxins
    < 0.25 EU/mL as determined by the LAL test
  • Extractables
    Pass (USP 381, USP 661)


  • Number of Ports

Product Information

  • Brand
  • Number of Containers
  • Pack Size


  • Delivery Condition
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