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Secura® Precision Balance 510 g x 1 mg

Reduce Your risk with integrated and intelligent protection systems

Secura® gives you the security and peace of mind of knowing that you have done everything right. Besides providing highly accurate weighing results and operating convenience, Secura® also features built-in protection systems for complete reliability and regulatory compliance – the safe and secure way.

Real-time guidance prompts for leveling, automatic internal adjustment, and 100% traceable, clear documentation with sample and batch identifiers make your lab work more efficient.

Order Number:  SECURA513-1SJP

Availability:  On Request

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Стандартные лабораторные весы Quintix® и Secura®. - Надёжное взвешивание с быстрыми и точными результатами
ru 2.0 MB
Quintix® とSecura® のスタンダードラボ用天びん:信頼性の高いひょう量で、すぐれた測定結果を迅速に提供
ja 2.1 MB
Bilance da laboratorio standard Quintix® e Secura® - Più rapidità e affidabilità per risultati migliori
it 1.9 MB
Balanzas de Referencia para Laboratorio Quintix® y Secura®: Pesaje Confiable para Resultados más Rápidos y Mejores
es 1.9 MB
Quintix® e Secura® - balanças Standard para laboratório: Para resultados de pesagem mais rápidos e confiáveis
pt 1.9 MB
Balances de laboratoire standard Quintix® et Secura®. Des résultats plus rapides et plus fiables.
fr 1.9 MB
Quintix® and Secura® Standard Laboratory Balances: Reliable Weighing for Faster and Better Results
en 1.9 MB
Quintix® 和 Secura® 标准实验室天平:更快、更好地获得可靠的称重结果
zh 2.2 MB
Standard-Laborwaagen Quintix® + Secura®. Schneller und sicherer zu besseren Ergebnissen.
de 1.9 MB


Data Sheet Secura®
en 827.5 kB
Data Sheet Secura®
fr 828.5 kB
de 832.2 kB
ru 483.6 kB
Data Sheet Secura®
it 832.3 kB


es 826.4 kB


Software USB CDC SerialPortEmulation Driver for Win8, Win81, WinXP, Vista7
en 2.1 MB

User Manual

Manuale utente Secura®, Quintix®, Practum®
it 12.9 MB
User Manual Secura®, Quintix®, Practum®
en 13.4 MB
ユーザーマニュアル Secura®, Quintix®, Practum®
ja 13.0 MB
Manual de usuario Secura®, Quintix®, Practum®
es 13.0 MB
Benutzerhandbuch Secura®, Quintix®, Practum®
de 12.8 MB
Руководство пользователя Secura®, Quintix®, Practum®
ru 13.6 MB
用户手册 Secura®、Quintix®、Practum®
zh 13.6 MB
Secura®, Quintix®, Practum® Installation and Operating Instructions
en 8.4 MB

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