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Proline® mechanical pipette, 12-ch, 50-300 µl

The most affordable in the Sartorius line of mechanical pipettes, Proline® is ideal for universities and colleges or any laboratory seeking a cost-efficient, yet practical and reliable liquid-handling tool.

Order Number:  720340

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Sartorius Liquid Handling Products
en 10.3 MB
Prodotti Sartorius per la manipolazione dei liquidi
it 11.2 MB
Gamme Sartorius – Liquid Handling
fr 11.4 MB
Sartorius 液体处理产品
zh 11.6 MB
Продукция компании — Sartorius для дозирования жидкостей
ru 11.8 MB

User Manual

Proline® pipette
fr 964.5 kB
Proline® pipette
ru 1.0 MB
Proline® pipette
it 995.8 kB
Proline® pipette
de 945.4 kB
Proline® pipette
es 975.2 kB
Proline® pipette
en 936.3 kB

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