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Flexel® 3D Tank Liner, 50 L, Gamma irradiated, with Silicone + Clear C-Flex® 374 tubing, 10 pcs.

The Flexel® 3D Tank Liners are open single-use bags designed to fit in plastic cylindrical drums.They are available, with or without side bottom drain from 30 L to 1,000 L. These can be supplied both sterile and pyrogen free or non-sterile.

Order Number:  FXB110934

Availability:  On Request

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Standard Flexel® 3D Bioprocessing Bags for Drums (For Europe, Asia and Latin America)
en 322.9 kB
Standard Flexel® 3D bioprocessing bags for Drums (US and Canada)
en 271.6 kB

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