An advanced data analytics solution that transfers data to visual interpretable information.

SIMCA® helps you to easily visualize trends and clusters using the intuitive graphical interface. With SIMCA® you can analyze process variations, identify critical parameters and predict final product quality. In a few clicks, you get an overview of the process status. With the comprehensive toolbox that is included in SIMCA® we make it easy for you to interpret the results from the multivariate models. **Available as annual subscription license

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This solution is a data exploration tool. It is extremely powerful and turns data into valuable and knowledge information that can be used for true data driven decisions.

The multivariate modelling used in SIMCA® identifies hidden trends and patterns not visible by univariate data analytic methods enabling you to see what others don’t.

The graphical interface is central for any data analysis and SIMCA® is equipped with interactive plots allowing for customization and direct drill-down providing interpretation of data patterns.

The interpretation abilities also provides transparent prediction models that not only give good predictions but also gives interpretability. No black box predictions.

The direct and easy access to visualization and interpretation of data patterns in SIMCA® makes it a fantastic tool for trouble shooting process data and perform deviation analysis.

SIMCA® is a fantastic tool for trouble shooting process data and perform deviation analysis. No matter where your data come from, SIMCA® will help you get more value out it without having to learn how to program in Matlab, R or Python.


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