CELL Insights Open Web Course

Umetrics ® Studio is a cloud-native data analytics and management ecosystem that enables model building and data interpretation, as well as data storage, visualization, and transformation for advanced insight generation. Through the seamless Umetrics®Studio digital experience, process development and commercial manufacturing teams can put standard analytics processes in place, eliminate silos of data, improve data analytics, and promote information sharing and collaboration across departments.

Cell Insights by Umetrics®Studio is the first available application within the advanced data analytics ecosystem Umetrics® Studio. Umetrics® Studio is continuously evolving and will provide additional functionality and applications according to industry needs and in close collaboration with customers and partners.

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Course Objective

The objective of the training course is to describe the structure and use of the Cell Insights application. More specifically, what will be covered in the training is theory and basic working principles related to the two primary workflows called “Perfusion Cell Line Clone Selection” and “Virtual Bioreactor”.

Who Should Participate?

The course covers advanced data analytics applications that support a variety of cell-culture development use-cases. The training is ideal for anyone working with optimizing upstream perfusion and process intensification configurations. The course is intended for researchers, scientists and engineers working with the collection and interpretation of cell culture process data. No prior knowledge of statistics is assumed.

Selected Course Content

  • Getting to know Cell Insights.
  • What is Hybrid State Space Modeling?.
  • Estimating primary growth kinetics.
  • Capturing user-specified growth kinetics.
  • Modelling consumption rates.
  • How to accomplish Perfusion Cell Line Clone Selection.
  • How to accomplish Virtual Bioreactor Simulations.

Language Information

Seminars are given in the language stated. In-depth discussion, course material and printed material are in English hence knowledge of English is required.



Session 1 : Getting to know Cell Insights

  • Sartorius Data Analytics Portfolio.
  • Umetrics® Studio – An Advanced Data Analytics Ecosystem.
  • Cell Insights, users and use cases.
  • Therapeutic Areas Covered by Cell Insights.

Setting the Scene

  • Status, Challenges, and Opportunities in Cell Culture Development
  • Approaches to Cell Culture Modelling
  • Demands on Cell Culture Modeling: The Digital Perspective

Cell Insights: A Hybrid Modelling Approach

  • What is Hybrid State Space Modelling?
  • Cell Insights Objective and Scope
  • Hybrid State Space Modeling Framework
  • Cell Insights Workflow

Overview of Use Cases

  • Initial Step: Data import and model configuration
  • Introduction to Use-Case 1: Perfusion Cell Line Selection
  • Introduction to Use-Case 2: Virtual Bioreactor

Hands-on session: Import of data and model configuration

Q&A session

Session 2: Perfusion Cell Line Clone Selection

Primary Growth Kinetics

  • Current Methods for Measuring Cell Health
  • Cell Growth Models

“Cell Balance” Expressions

  • Tracking Live Cells
  • Substrate, Quadratic, and Inhibitory Growth Correction Factors
  • Growth Inhibitory Materials

Hands-on-Exercise 1: Perfusion Cell Line Clone Selection

Identify which cell line clones we can expect to have the best growth and productivity in a perfusion operating setting using fed-batch data as the model input.

Capturing User-Specified Growth Kinetics

  • Tracking Metabolite Trajectories
  • Metabolites and Their Role in the Hybrid Model
  • Generating consumption rates in Cell Insights

Session 3: Virtual Bioreactor

Data Driven Models

  • Mechanistic vs Data Driven Models
  • Two Scenarios for Data-Driven Modeling
  • Modelling Consumption Rates
  • Generating Consumption Rates in Cell Insights

Model Identification and Fitting

  • Model Fitting Overview
  • Metabolite Consumption Rates
  • Model Fitting: Growth Kinetics, Metabolite, and Titer
  • Simulation

Hands-on-Exercise 2: Virtual Bioreactor

Identify process conditions for fed-batch operating mode that can be expected to maximize productivity.

Ending Q&A

Course Material and Software

The electronic course material (course slides and exercises) and access to the web-training site will be sent out by email two weeks before the course starts. Cell Insights by Umetrics® Studio will require internet access. We recommend you have two screens or one projector and one PC in order to follow the course and demos easily. However, this is not required.

Cost and Conditions

The course fee is 1090€ per participant.

Cancellations received later than two weeks before the course starts will not be refunded. For courses cancelled more than two weeks before the course starts, Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics AB will retain 10% of the course fee to cover administrative costs and the rest of the amount will be refunded.

Course participant(s) can be substituted by the registering company as long as Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics AB is notified.

Therefore, Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics AB reserves the right to cancel the course 14 days prior to the course start date, if the number of registrants is too low. Full refund will be made to these registrants. A 10% discount will be made to any registrant(s) enrolling in the next available course.

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