BioPAT® Process Insights, 1 Year License

1st Year license for BioPAT® Process Insights Software Application for Process Scaling. Permits up to a maximum of 10 seats per license.

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BioPAT®Process Insights minimizes the risks associated with conventional bioreactor .scaling and design space exploration. The software combines unique scaling functionality with extensively characterized bioreactor datato deliver simplified, consistent scale-up between Sartorius Ambr®, Univessel®Glass/SU and Biostat STR®bioreactors.

BioPAT® Process Insights helps you achieve Quality by Design (QbD), improves efficiency, and ensures faster time to market. BioPAT®Process Insights is a state-of-the-art software solution for predictive bioreactor scaling calculations.

  • Replace spreadsheets to simplify scaling calculations.
  • Improve bioprocess scaling with added novel functionality.
  • Benefit from Sartorius’ extensive experience bioreactor scaling experience.

License includes maintenance,technical support and any available software releases/version upgrades during the license period.

A Renewal licence is required after 1 year to continue use of the software.

BioPAT®Process Insights is a standalone, web-based software application that will need to be hosted on customer premises.Software installation is the responsibility of the customer. Please check the technical specification for minimum computer hardware and software specification requirements.

Accessories Information

  • Software
    version 1


  • Application Programs
    Focusing on CHO-based cultures for Protein Based Therapies (suspension cell cultures only)


  • Device/Instrument Compatibility
    • Univessel® Glass
    • Biostat STR®
    • Ambr250

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