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Chemometric Software

Advanced chemometric methods as Design of Experiments (DoE) and Multivariate Data Analysis (MVDA) enable to look into cost savings besides ensuring process reliability and robustness. DoE is a standard technique to accelerate process development tasks and gain additional process understanding with a least amount of experiments. MVDA techniques are used for scale- and batch-to-batch comparison investigations, and are making inroads into continuous real-time quality control and assurance.


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Active Dashboard
Item no.: UT-AP-SSDA
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Item no.: UT-S-16-01

An advanced data analytics solution that transfers data to visual intepretable information.

SIMCA® helps you to easily visualize trends and clusters using the intuitive graphical interface. With SIMCA® you can analyze process variations, identify critical parameters and predict final product quality. In a few clicks, you get an overview of the process status. With the comprehensive toolbox that is included in SIMCA® we make it easy for you to interpret the results from the multivariate models.

Item no.: UT-OS-BC-VES

SIMCA®-online is a real-time monitoring solutions that helps you to stay on top of your production.

SIMCA®-online allows you to monitor your process in real-time not only for the individual process parameters, but also for their correlation pattern. It also gives you a clear picture on where to start investigating alarms down to the root-cause of the problem before causing any serious damages to the production. This gives you the possibility to act earlier on faults in the process instead of reacting to things that have already occurred. With improved process understanding and ensured product quality, you’ll be able to improve your yield and throughput so that your products reach the market faster and at a reduced costs.

Item no.: UT-SQS-A-SDK-L

Embedded Multivariate Data Analytics

SIMCA®-Q automates and speeds up multivariate data analysis, making complex computational tasks routine, while reducing the risk of human error. With SIMCA®-Q you can customize your solution to do exactly what’s needed, calling up prediction models, data overviews, classification routines and batch analyses—all within a work environment familiar to end-users.

Item no.: UT-M-12.1-01

The right solution for easy as well as advanced DOE’s, created for the experimentalist

MODDE® Pro is an advanced, high-quality DOE solution from Sartorius Data Analytics. Designed to be straightforward to use, its graphical interface and analytics support give you complete confidence in the way you interpret your results. We have used our 30 years of data analytic experience to turn MODDE® into a powerful solution. MODDE® Pro takes DOE to a new level with its quality analysis functions.