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Active Dashboard

Interactive Performance Insight

With Active Dashboard you get an easy overview of your production sites. The easily setup dashboards, contain graphs and numbers with both drill-down functionality and cross-filter capabilities which make each dashboard work as several reports. This helps you to gain insight about your production across all your sites.

Item no.:  UT-AP-SSDA


* 72 Hours Turnaround Time

Active Dashboard, part of the Umetrics® Suite of Data Analytics Solutions is a solution that connects to several data sources to obtain and analyze data using web browsers to view and interact with dashboards. Active Dashboard currently supports SIMCA®-online and OSIsoft PI as data sources.

All dashboards can be viewed in across platforms such as tablet, mobile device and even in a Microsoft Hololens. This makes it possible for you to see what is going on in real-time anywhere you are. As an example, it is possible for you to see if one site is not producing as much as another is, continue the investigation to find out why and optimize to improve the yield. Active Dashboard will also help you to see when your production starts to deviate, so that you can act and save both time and money and most importantly improve quality.

Active Dashboard also gives an overview and summary of your product performance and capability for each produced unit, giving the user a way to compare production on different sites.

With Active Dashboard, you get:

  • Production transparency
  • Interactive charts and maps
  • Product quality assurance
  • Performance insight
  • A summarized real-time view of all your sites and product


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    Active Dashboard