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Data is one of your company's most valuable assets and SIMCA® can help you see what others don't.

Whether it is large amounts of data, batch data, time-series data or other data, SIMCA transforms your data into visual information for easy interpretation. This enables you to make decisions and take action – quickly and with confidence. And SIMCA will continue to meet your data analysis needs, now and in the future.


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Item no.: UT-SQS-A-SDK-L

Embedded Multivariate Data Analytics

SIMCA®-Q automates and speeds up multivariate data analysis, making complex computational tasks routine, while reducing the risk of human error. With SIMCA®-Q you can customize your solution to do exactly what’s needed, calling up prediction models, data overviews, classification routines and batch analyses—all within a work environment familiar to end-users.

Item no.: UT-SS-1232

An advanced data analytics solution that transfers data to visual intepretable information.

SIMCA® helps you to easily visualize trends and clusters using the intuitive graphical interface. With SIMCA® you can analyze process variations, identify critical parameters and predict final product quality. In a few clicks, you get an overview of the process status. With the comprehensive toolbox that is included in SIMCA® we make it easy for you to interpret the results from the multivariate models.

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