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Do you want to be able to spot a process deviation when it happens and to be able to correct it? SIMCA®-online is a real-time prediction system that provides you and your production team with a complete set of interactive and visual monitoring tools to ensure that batch and continuous operations run smoothly.


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Item no.: UT-OS-BC-VES

SIMCA®-online is a real-time monitoring solutions that helps you to stay on top of your production.

SIMCA®-online allows you to monitor your process in real-time not only for the individual process parameters, but also for their correlation pattern. It also gives you a clear picture on where to start investigating alarms down to the root-cause of the problem before causing any serious damages to the production. This gives you the possibility to act earlier on faults in the process instead of reacting to things that have already occurred. With improved process understanding and ensured product quality, you’ll be able to improve your yield and throughput so that your products reach the market faster and at a reduced costs.