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The more efficient your Design of Experiments (DOE) solution, the faster you can get products to market.

MODDE® is an innovative DOE solution. Its straightforward graphical interface and support for data analytics lets you interpret your results with confidence. With over 30 years of experience in data analytics, MODDE® gives you the insight to set up your experiment and get it right from the start.


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Item no.: UT-MQS-SDK-L

Embedded Design of Experiments

Design of Experiments (DOE) is a powerful tool that can improve efficiency of data collection and enhance machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions with added information about causal relationships in the data. With the MODDE®-Q engine you can take your embedded or connected DOE to a new level more quickly—without having to develop the full tool on your own.

Item no.: UT-MS-0138

The right solution for easy as well as advanced DOE’s, created for the experimentalist

MODDE® Pro is an advanced, high-quality DOE solution from Sartorius Data Analytics. Designed to be straightforward to use, its graphical interface and analytics support give you complete confidence in the way you interpret your results. We have used our 30 years of data analytic experience to turn MODDE® into a powerful solution. MODDE® Pro takes DOE to a new level with its quality analysis functions.

Item no.: UT-MS-0211

The right solution to grow with if you are new to DOE.

We have taken all the worry out of DOE – you do not have to be an expert statistician to get all the benefits. MODDE® Go saves you time and effort by rationalizing your experimental plan, helping you get the most information out of the least number of experimental runs. While keeping you ahead in your work and within your development budget.