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Process Control

BioPAT® Trace
BioPAT® Trace
Order Number: biopattrace

BioPAT® Trace is an analysis system for simultaneous online monitoring of glucose and lactate in laboratory and industrial cultivations of microorganisms and cell lines. BioPAT® Trace ensures a high degree of measurement performance and process reliability due to its unique combination of a reusable analyser and single-use enzymatic sensors and fluidic elements.

  • Simultaneous online measurement of glucose and lactate
  • Fully automated, self-calibrating system
  • Modes: filtration, dialysis, sampling
  • Unique dialyses mode for small volume bioreactors
  • Plug & Play
  • Reusable system
  • Fully disposable sensor & fluidics set
  • Ethernet, modbus, (OPC) connectivity
  • Compact device, small footprint

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BioPAT® Spectro
BioPAT® Spectro
Order Number: biopatspectro

BioPAT® Spectro NIR process sensor monitors the fermentation process inline by providing real-time feedback. Monitoring the process values during biotechnological fermentation is crucial for maintaining the high efficiency and quality of a bioprocess. Although commercial sensor systems are available for real-time monitoring of some variables, such as pH or the concentration of dissolved oxygen, BioPAT® Spectro provides monitoring capabilities that are light years beyond such sensor systems.

  • Process trajectories for real- time fermentation monitoring
  • Golden batch comparison
  • Cell growth and viability monitoring
  • Monitoring of nutrients and metabolites
  • Media quality fingerprinting

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BioPAT® Xgas
BioPAT® Xgas
Order Number: biopatxgas

The BioPAT® Xgas monitors and controls bioprocesses in real time. It is a combined oxygen-carbon dioxide sensor featuring automatic compensation of humidity and pressure. The range for oxygen is 1 - 50% and for carbon dioxide 0 - 10%, with ±3% accuracy on the reference value and a difference of less than ±0.2% on the reading. The sensor is non-invasive and can be conveniently integrated onto a new Sartorius Stedim bioreactor exhaust line or your current system.

  • Parallel and continuous measurement of O2 and CO2 using just one sensor
  • Standardized integration into Sartorius bioreactors for event-based control, enabled by real-time determination of respiration parameters
  • High accuracy and process reliability ensured by automatic compensation of humidity and pressure
  • Compact design for convenient integration into both small lab bioreactors and process-scale fermenters
  • Status display and calibration buttons directly on the BioPAT® Xgas for easy operation

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NIR Spectrometers
NIR Spectrometers
Order Number: nirspectrometers

Near infrared spectrometers (NIR spectrometers) enable simultaneous measurement of chemical compounds and physical properties. Designed for process control, Sartorius NIR process analyzers can be used in a wide range of applications, such as monitoring and control of mixing and inline dilution processes, determination of homogeneity and of the end point, as well as recipe management and ingredient optimization.

  • Multi parameter control in complex substances
  • Easy homogeniety screening
  • Recipe control / checking of completeness
  • Testing of substance purity

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