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Star-Plus 102-1521, 500g

Star-Plus microcarriers are fabricated from cross-linked modified polystyrene cores and positively charged to promote rapid cell attachment and enhanced growth performance of adherent cell types in a variety of medium formulations. The non-protein coated surface of Star-Plus microcarriers enables their use in protein-free and chemically defined cell culture applications. Microcarrier lots are manufactured and qualified under an ISO9001 quality management system.

Item no.:  SP-221-070


Star-Plus microcarriers are offered in both non-sterile and sterile ready-to-use formats to serve both research and manufacturing requirements. The solid core of Star-Plus microcarriers facilitates efficient cell detachment at harvest and promotes high cell viability while maintaining cell critical quality attributes during expansion processes.


Microcarrier Products - Simplifying adherent, cell-based research and manufacturing
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User Manual

Microcarriers Delivery System
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Small Scale Screening Studies Using Six-Well Plates
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Small-Scale Microcarrier Culture
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  • Size Range (µm)
    125 - 212 µm

eShop Dynamic Attributes

  • Area/gram (cm²/g)
    360 cm²/g
  • Generation
  • Protein Coated (yes/no)
  • Purity
  • Relative Density
    1.022 - 1.030
  • Surface Charge (yes/no)