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ProCHO™-5 Medium Powder kit 10L

ProCHO 5, protein free CHO medium, with HEPES and 0.1% Pluronic® F-68, without L-Glutamine, phenol red, hypoxanthine or thymidine, 10L powder kit (3 bottles)

Item no.:  BE15-766D

Availability:  On Request


ProCHO Protein-free CHO Media were developed specifically to facilitate the production and downstream processing of recombinant proteins expressed in CHO cells. These proteinfree formulations support high-density cultures without the need for animal derived components. Very low levels of recombinant insulin facilitate both downstream purification and regulatory compliance.

ProCHO-4 - For concurrent transition of adherent CHO cells to serum-free and suspension culture. Supports faster doubling times.

ProCHO-5 - For CHO cells already growing in suspension. Supports increased protein production. Contains 0.1% Pluronic® F-68. Does not contain L-glutamine, phenol red, hypoxanthine, or thymidine.

ProCHO-AT - For adherent culture of CHO cells. Contains L-glutamine. Does not contain hypoxanthine or thymidine.


  • Application Area
    CHO cells growth


  • Serum Free

Physicochemical Information

  • Chemically Defined (CD)

Product Information

  • Generation
    Pro 5
  • Package Type
  • Powder Kit
    3 components

Storage Conditions

  • Storage Conditions
    See instruction at component level


  • Powder Kit Volume
    For 10 L
  • Volume
    10 L

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