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4Cell® NutriVero™ Flex 10 P-Red - 1L Bottle

The 4Cell® NutriVero™ Flex10 Medium is the next-generation chemically defined serum-free, animal component-free medium, newly developed to support Vero cell growth in monolayers as well as in microcarriers suspension culture systems and optimized for the productionof viruses.
The 4Cell® NutriVero™ Flex10 medium, is a complete ready-to-use liquid formulation, no supplements need to be added to this medium prior to use. This product can be used for viral vaccines and oncolytic virus manufacturing.

Item no.:  CFV3FA4001


4Cell® NutriVero™ Flex 10 is a defined cell culture medium developped with inorganic and organic ingredients, without animal components, or any plant, yeast extract or peptone. It is a robust customizable medium which contains solely recombinant components, therefore providing consistent results which are difficult to obtain with an undefined medium.
The medium is optimized for both 2D monolayer and 3D microcarriers suspension cultures, and is suitable for a wide range of virus production.

Application Note

4Cell® NutriVero™ Flex 10 Medium
en 658.2 kB


4Cell® NutriVero™ Flex 10 Medium
en 378.7 kB


Development of Chemically Defined Medium for Vero Cells
en 675.3 kB

User Manual

4Cell® NutriVero™ Flex 10 - Instructions for use
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  • Adherence/Suspension
  • Application Area
    Vero media for viral vaccines and oncolytic virus manufacturing
  • Chemically Defined (CD)
  • Delivery Condition
  • Package Type
  • Phenol Red Indicator
    With Phenol Red
  • Serum Free
  • Storage Conditions
    protected from light
  • Volume


  • Animal Origin (AO) / Non-Animal Origin (NAO)