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The Vero cell line is used for various purposes, most importantly for the production of cell culture-based viral vaccines. Reasons for the extensive use of the Vero cell line are the consistent high viral yields and susceptibility to infect a mutiple range of viruses, as well as relatively easy adaptation for growth in bioreactors on microcarriers, thus allowing up-scaling without loss of cell productivity.


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4Cell® NutriVero Flex 10 is a chemically defined, serum-free, animal component-free medium, developed to support Vero cell growth in 2D monolayers as well as in 3D microcarriers suspension culture systems and optimized for the production of viruses.

The chemically defined 4Cell® NutriVero Flex 10 is a robust medium which contains solely recombinant components and does not contain any plant extract (hydrolysates), therefore providing consistent results for vaccines and Oncolytic virus manufacturing.

Application Note

4Cell® NutriVero™ Flex 10 Medium
en 658.2 kB


4Cell® NutriVero™ Flex 10 Medium
en 378.7 kB


Development of Chemically Defined Medium for Vero Cells
en 675.3 kB
Novel Chemically Defined, Animal Component Free Medium for Vero Cells and Virus Production for Human and Animal Vaccines
en 731.2 kB

User Manual

4Cell® NutriVero™ Flex 10 - Instructions for use
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