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Pro MDCK™ Medium

ProMDCK™ is a medium optimized for the growth of MDCK cells in a variety of conditions


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ProMDCK™ are serum-free media dedicated to the growth and infection of Madin-Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) cells in all conditions.

ProMDCK™ has been optimized for both expansion and virus infection of MDCK cells in planar culture conditions (2D version) and in stirred bioreactors, bound onto microcarriers (3D version).


  • 2D version: MDCK cells growth in planar culture for research (cell biology studies such as the mechanisms of passive salt, protein, lipid and drug transports, in vitro growth regulation and cytotoxicity studies), bioreactor seeding or QC tests
  • 3D version: MDCK cells infection with virus (Influenza strains, poliovirus…) for vaccines manufacturing Features
  • Easy to scale-up: Provides a suitable environment for MDCK cells for all upstream steps (seeding, growth, infection) and manufacturing scales (T-flask to bioreactor) without any transition phase or adaptation needs.
  • Efficiency: Increases doubling time and virus productivity
  • Regulatory-friendly: Serum-free media manufactured following cGMP (21CFR820 guidelines) for maximum safety