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PowerCHO™2 Media

PowerCHO 2 media allow maximal culture performance through balanced formulation


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PowerCHO™-2 Medium Liquid 1L
PowerCHO™-2 Medium Liquid 1L
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Chemically Defined (CD)
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The PowerCHO Series are hydrolysate-free, serum-free and non-animal origin media for supporting high density CHO cells in suspension. For therapeutic bioprocessing applications, these protein-free formulations also facilitate both down-stream purification and regulatory compliance.

Our years of extensive experience in providing serum-free CHO media to research and industrial customers provides the basis for making great media even better. Completely chemically defined and serum-free, these media outperform with multiple cell lines.

PowerCHO Media delivers many unique benefits including consistent results, simplified downstream purification, and maximized yield.

Whether or not you choose serum-free media for the convenience and consistency in your research applications, or if your work leads to downstream therapeutic or biopharmaceutical applications, PowerCHO Media offers the best choice for initiating your studies. It is reccomended to test the entire PowerCHO series of Media (1,2,3) to see which performs best for your particular cell line.