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4Cell® BHK CD Medium

The 4Cell® BHK-21 CD Medium is complete medium, ready-to-use, chemically defined, serum-free, animal component-free, antibiotic-free and hydrolysate-free; designed to support high density growth and maintenance of BHK-21 suspension cell lines used for viral vaccine production.


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The 4Cell® BHK-21 CD medium is designed for use in suspension culture systems for viral vaccine production.

Application Note

4Cell®BHK-21 CD medium - Adaptation of BHK-21 cells to suspension using chemically defined medium
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4Cell® BHK-21 CD Medium
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4Cell® BHK-21 CD Medio
es 99.2 kB
Meio de cultura 4Cell® BHK-21 CD - Meio Quimicamente Definido (CD) para células BHK-21 para um máximo crescimento celular e produção viral
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Safety Datasheet

4Cell® BHK-21 CD Powder Medium
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4Cell® BHK-21 CD Liquid Medium
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User Manual

4Cell® BHK-21 CD Medium - Instructions for use
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