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Sartoclear® L-Drum

Sartoclear® L-Drums are self-contained, cellulose based depth filtration modules. The large modules can be used without the need for time consuming clamping systems, which makes them the perfect choice for pilot scale clarification applications.

Order Number:  295PC2P13ALSS

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Sartoclear® L-Drums are Pilot scale, single-use depth filter modules, which can be used without a time consuming clamping system. The “ Plug and Play” installation principle reduces the set up time to a minimum and provides 100% disposability of all fluid contacting components. Sartoclear® filters are cellulose based depth filters, especially developed for biopharmaceutical clarification applications. The filter sheets are made of a mixture of cellulosic fibers and filter-aids such as diatomaceous earth. The open 3-dimensional matrix has a high capacity for a wide range of range of particles so that membrane filters are optimally protected. L-Drums are available in 4 different Sartoclear® media combinations. The Post bioreactor grades, PB1 and PB2, feature two coarse cellulose based depth filters to maximize the biomass retention capacity. The Post Centrifuge grades, PC1 and PC2, are developed to retain fine particles which are too small to be removed by centrifuges. Easy Handling For an easy and safe handling of the capsules two movable L-Drum support systems are available.


Sartoclear® L-Drum Technologies — Disposable Cell Clarification and Contaminant Removal
en 324.4 kB

Product properties

  • Filter Type
    Clarification Filters
  • Filter Format
    Depth Filter L-Drums
  • Capsule/Cartridge Format
  • Primary Product Type
  • Type
    L-Drum depth filter
  • Grade
  • Pack size
  • Height
    600 mm
  • Retention Rate
    0.3 µm
  • Cartridge Height
    600 mm
  • Diameter
    31 cm

Technical attributes

  • Industry
  • Depth filter material
  • Application
    Post Centrifuge

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